Engaging students through missional communities.

What is CORE?

CORE is a discipleship model that teaches youth to follow Jesus in a way that naturally invites friends to discover Jesus with them. In this model, it is not about building programs to serve kids, but rather building kids to serve the world. It is simple, strategic and scalable. Our vision is to see an active CORE group happening at every Middle School and High School in the Seattle area. This vision will be collaborative and will bring together both church and para-church (Christian, faith-based organizations that engages in social welfare and evangelism) youth ministries around the same goal of discipling youth to become disciple-makers.

A diagram displaying how CORE helps students connect to one another.

The Need for CORE

Students are lonelier and more isolated than ever before. As local church youth groups continue to become more regional in their reach, Christian students often find themselves alone and disconnected from Christian community on their school campus. The school campus often represents both a spiritual battle ground and a mission field for young Christian students. What Christian students need is a missional community made up of fellow believers who will encourage them in their walk with Jesus and guide them as they expereince God together through sharing, prayer, and discovering how God is moving in their lives.