A New Season

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By Vasti Garcia, Bellevue City Life Director

Hello, hello! It is so good to be back! The last time I shared with you was at the beginning of summer, it is now fall. I so missed you! I hope you had a wonderful summer creating lasting memories with your loved ones.

I don’t know where to start; there is so much on my heart that I would love to share, but I will keep it brief on here and save the rest for a coffee date.

A little personal summary of what my life looks like now:

My life forever changed on June 22nd when I met my little girl, Naomi. The moment I touched her warm soft skin, purpose had a new meaning in my life. I thanked heaven as I held her for trusting me with her life.

During my pregnancy everyone talked about the beauty of having a child, but very few talked about how HARD this new role would be. Thank the Lord for therapy! I have most definitely met a new version of myself. I am learning about new strengths I didn’t know I had, but also learning about fears I didn’t know existed.

At the end of every day, I make sure to thank God for his grace.

As for ministry, I am amazed at how the Lord has provided for us.

  • We will be returning to Bellevue Neighborhood Church (BNC) on Mondays. I am excited to work closely with Daniel, the Youth Pastor at BNC.
  • We have also partnered with Anthem Church. They will be volunteering with us through different opportunities at City Life. Grateful for Pastor Phil’s enthusiasm and his team.
  • We have also partnered with a small group from Kalos Church lead by a wonderful couple. Grateful for their invitation for us to take part.


Summer is also finally here! The days are always warmer and the sun is always saying hello bright and early. This summer will feel and look different for me, as I welcome a baby girl and will be on maternity leave for the next 3 months. While I am overjoyed of experiencing this season of my life alongside my lovely family, I also find myself feeling a little sad that I will not be making memories with amazing students this summer. I am however, grateful for the support of my colleagues, community members and student leaders during my time away.

  • Pray with me for Angeles as she will be confidently leading this summer with the support of Vaughan who has served as an intern in Everett.
  • Pray with me for all students to experience a wonderful summer with family and City Life.
  • Pray with me and for me as I embark this new season of my life as a mother.



Vasti Garcia

Bellevue City Life Director

Seattle Area Youth For Christ

[email protected]
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